What is digital signage?

In today's competitive business environment,many businesses are realizing that static POP signage just doesn't have the impact it used to some years back.

Customers don't even notice it now because static POP signage have become so common.

Therefore, you need something that is New, Unique, and Eye-catching. With more than 70% percent of buying decisions made at the point of purchase, the use of digital signage allows you to broadcast your message and connect to the right person, at the right place, and at the right time


  • Very small device (56mm*225mm*200mm) that easily fits behind display.
  • Easy to use Layout Design Management Software.
  • Control all displays, which are installed at different geographical locations, from anywhere,using our Layout Design Management Software.

  • Supports playing and scheduling videos, images, presentations, text contents in a single display and at the same time.
  • Insert customized as well as live ticker messages/news anywhere in display.
  • To save energy, supports automatic time scheduling for switching ON and OFF the display.

In Banking

  • Inform customers about loans, investment accounts, and other banking products.
  • Display training videos and messages to the customers.


  • To promote high-margin food and drink items along with daily specials.
  • Broadcast safety and training content to your staff.
  • To display welcome messages in the lobby for large parties and special events.


  • Advertise hotel's amenities including restaurants, spas, fitness centers and many others.
  • Information of the conference/meeting rooms and its direction and meeting schedules.


  • Share tips for healthy living with patients.
  • Video of health and health care related news stories.
  • Replace whiteboards with digital displays.

Educational Institute

  • In school and college to display as notice board.
  • To play video of organized events as well as information regarding coming events.
  • Display exam result and special achievements.

Manufacturing Industries

  • Communicate to employees located at different buildings and campuses.
  • Inform employees of company news and corporate campaigns.
  • Send messages to employees who do not have fax or e-mail, such as staff on shop floors.


  • In theaters to show movie trailers, show movie timings, food and beverage specials and enhanced product advertising.

Real Estate

  • To display property listings, advertisements and marketing materials.
  • To display upcoming projects, completed projects and any special achievements in the office premises.


  • To keep customers informed about current sales and special offers.
  • To keep customers informed about current sales and special offers.
  • To provide dynamic advertising space for popular brands and styles, that can generate extra revenue for you.